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Thermal Infrared Inspection Course


Thermal Infrared Inspection Course

$499.00 $399.00

Welcome to our 2 day specialized course for home inspectors, real estate professionals and members of public safety. Come learn the benefits of using a drone paired with thermal infrared technology. We will have a special guest speaker from one of North America’s largest thermal imaging firms. Add thermography to your workflow and experience the differences today
In this course we will discuss:
1) Finding the right drone
2) Time Optimizations
3) Data processing: Sugu Mapper
4) Building Energy Audits
5) Energy & Damage Report Overlays (Hail/Cracks)
6) Industrial & Commercial Applications
7) Composite Material Inspections
8) Fire Fighting Applications
9) Generic Public Safety Usages

Pay a deposit of per item

Payable Today: $0.00 Future Amount: $399.00


 The course is 2 days, and is 9 am – 5 pm both days. Students with further inquiries should message us at


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