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Recurrency Training


Recurrency Training

$299.00 $200.00

This course covers recurrency training for operators who wish to renew or refresh there UAV pilot skills.

Refresher courses are given once a month, and are offered live online.

Ideal Candidate:

1) Have not taken our course

2) Proficient UAV pilot who has self studied


Pay a deposit of per item

Payable Today: $0.00 Future Amount: $200.00


As a drone pilot in Canada, it is important to be knowledgeable and ensure that you understand your equipment. Recurrent training ensures your skills are, at minimum, what they were when you earned your certificate or rating.

Staying proficient is also important in keeping your overall knowledge and skills up to date. Learn about your currency requirements as well as things you can practice regularly to stay proficient.


Getting Started
For more information call 1888-FLY-SUGU (1-888-359-7848)

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