Ground School Training

Ground School Training

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Sugu Ground School Training:

Sugu is offering drone Ground School training courses at Toronto Buttonville Airport. Select one of our courses above to start flying your drone with proficiency, and skill. Our Ground School training courses adhere to the Transport Canada standards (TP15263), to ensure you are equipped to fly your drone. Most noteworthy, we have a number of classes ranging from recreational, commercial and advanced GIS.

In addition to providing UAV training, Sugu will be offering three distinct courses for commercial UAV operators. Especially relevant to Sugu’s launch announcement is the growth of the GIS sector. Sugu will be offering advanced drone training courses.

Ensure you are on the right side of regulation by taking our UAV training courses. Our course is especially relevant for corporations, and civil operators who are looking to photograph assets, projects or people.

Due to the Transport Canada imposing eventual drone standards, there has been influx of training operators in the Greater Toronto Area. Ensure you receive the appropriate training from an accredited flight training unit. This will be especially relevant during your SFOC application.

As a result of Sugu’s recent partnership with Canadian Flyers, Sugu will now be able to serve the Greater Toronto area as Canada’s premier drone training facility.

The Sugu team is proud to welcome new students, and operators who are interested in proceeding with drone training. Most of all we would like to thank you for visiting our training page for your needs, we look forward to seeing you.

Additional Information:

Knowledge test and pilot permit

Under the proposed rules, pilots of very small drones or small drones for limited operations will have to pass an examination to ensure they have enough knowledge to operate safely.

Furthermore, pilots who intend to fly in the complex operations category — which includes flying in urban areas or within controlled airspace or close to airports — will need to pass a written knowledge test to get a pilot permit that is specific to small drones.

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Additional information

Training Dates

Buttonville – December 19th-21st 2018, Pittmeadows – January 18th – 20th, Buttonville – January 25th-27th 2019, Pittmeadows – February 15th – 17th 2019, Buttonville -February 22nd-24th 2019, Pittmeadows – March 22nd – 24th 2019, Buttonville – March 29th-31st 2019, Pittmeadows – April 19th – 21st 2019, Buttonville – April 26th-28th 2019


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