Fire Fighter Drone Training

Fire & Emergency Responder Drone Training

Sugu offer’s firefighter drone training classes 365 days a year. Sign up to our once a month classes and learn how to fly your drone today.

Emergency response drones are soon to be the industry standard in every fire department. There are currently no other firefighting tools that offer the same flexibility and versatility.  The capabilities of a helicopter can now fit compactly with in your truck, suv or car. Emergency response drones provide you real time feedback, and useful information to make quick decisions.  Start unlocking the benefits of firefighting technology today.

Common use cases:

• High Rise and Commercial Fires
• Post-Incident Fire Review
• Hazardous Material Mitigation
• Search and Rescue
• Structure Collapse and Confined Space Rescue
• Creating Communication Networks during disaster response
• Wildfire Mitigation
• Flood Response


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