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Are you interested in flying your drone commercially? Check our onsite training dates by visiting the link below. Adversely you may preview our full course selection by scrolling down.

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Online drone training

Advanced Exam Prep – Live Online TP 15263

InstructorDean Dean
TypeOnline Course
DateSep 25, 2019 - Sep 27, 2019
Student Enrolled3
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Rental Drone, Drone Rentals

Advanced Drone Rental Program

InstructorDean Dean
TypeOnsite Course
DateSep 24, 2019 - Sep 24, 2019
PlaceButtonville Airport
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Drone Training RPAS Training UAV Training

Advanced Exam – TP15263 Onsite

InstructorDean Dean
TypeOnline Course
DateSep 27, 2019 - Jul 29, 2019
Student Enrolled9
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Why train with Sugu?

Our drone training program is recognized by Transport Canada, and is provided by manned aviation flight instructors. At Sugu we offer, quality, accuracy, and experience. Once your training is complete you can retake our ground school free for 1 year (after) initial course completion.

Why Do I Need Training?

In order to qualify for an SFOC you need to participate in training.

We are an authorized RPAS/UAV Training course. (See page 6)

Why is this important?
Operators seeking to fly in rural or urban airspace will be required to become licensed. By attending our course you will meet the knowledge requirements as set out by the TP151263.

How will our training help?

By attending our training you will meet all the requirements as set out by Transport Canada.