InstructorDean Dean
TypeOnline Course
DateMay 24, 2019 - Apr 26, 2019
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      Drone Training RPAS Training UAV Training

      Our training course is recognized by Transport Canada, and follows the course syllabus from the TP15263. You are given a  certificate upon completion.

      Course Details:

      This course includes an online component, in class component, and flight review

      Check Dates

      Your application must contain all information required in the instruction for reviewing and processing a Special Flight Operations Certificate application (UAV Staff Instruction), including:

      • your contact information
      • a description of how, when and where you plan to use your UAV
      • a detailed plan that explains how you’ll deal with safety risks


      New Rules (Coming into force June 1st):

      1. Take OurOnsite Ground School
      2. Write your Transport Canada Advanced Exam
      3. Sign up for a Flight Review




      Section 1TP15263 - Drone Training
      Lecture 1Theory of Flight 1
      Lecture 2Theory of Flight 2
      Section Quiz
      Section 2TP - 15263 Navigation
      Lecture 3UAV - Navigation
      Section Quiz
      Section 3TP15263 - Meteorology
      Lecture 4Meterology
      Section Quiz
      Section 4TP 15263 Airlaw
      Lecture 5Airlaw
      Section Quiz
      Section 5Radio Procedures
      Lecture 6Radio Knowledge
      Section Quiz
      Section 6Flight Instruments
      Lecture 7Flight Instruments
      Section Quiz
      Section 7Flight Operations
      Lecture 8Flight Ops 101
      Section Quiz
      Section 8Human Factors
      Lecture 9Human Factors 101
      Section Quiz
      Section 9Online Examination Preparation 1
      Lecture 10
      Section Quiz
      Section 10Online Examination Preparation 2
      Lecture 11Final Exam
      Section Quiz
      Section 11Online Examination Preparation 3
      Lecture 12
      Section Quiz
      Section 12Online Examination Preparation 4
      Lecture 13
      Section Quiz
      Section 13Online Examination Preparation 5
      Lecture 14
      Section Quiz
      Section 14Online Examination Preparation 6
      Lecture 15
      Section Quiz
      Final Quiz

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