Common Questions

Why Do I Need Training?

In order to qualify for an SFOC you need to participate in training.

We are an authorized RPAS/UAV Training course.

https://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/aviation/drone-safety/find-drone-flight-school.html: (See page 6)

Why is this important?
Operators seeking to fly in rural or urban airspace will be required to become licensed. By attending our course you will meet the knowledge requirements as set out by the TP151263.

How will our training help?

By attending our training you will meet all the requirements as set out by Transport Canada.

When do classes begin?

Are classes run once a month for 3 days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We also recommend students purchase the following course materials: Unmanned, CFS, Toronto VNC & VTA

Class Start & End Times are as follows:

Friday: 1830 – 2130

Saturday: 0900 – 1800

Sunday: 0900 – 1800

Where can I stay during training?

There are several hotels located around our training sites.

Depending where you are training  the following hotels offer the best rates, and walk-ability scores.

Buttonville Campus:

Link For Hotel: Airport Hotel

Mississauga Campus

Link For Hotel: Hotel

Pitt Meadows Campus:

Link For Hotel: Airport Hotel

How much is training?

Training is $599, but look out for our monthly specials.

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