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10 Oct 2018

Application Process

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Getting Started at Sugu Drone Training in Three Steps

Located off highway 404 and 16th avenue, Sugu is Canada’s largest Drone Training organisation. With around the clock availability you can sign up to our monthly courses or book a private lesson. Partnered with Canadian Flyers International we offer world class drone training services to professionals and students. We aime to improve drone training standards in the Canadian Aerospace sector, offering the best instructors and training environment. We are the only centrally located UAV Ground School located centrally at Buttonville Airport. UAV training is requirement for Transport Canada Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) and Pilot Permits. Our instructors hold a commercial pilots license, a flight instructor rating, and a master’s in aerospace which will ensure your training and certificate will be recognized.

Application Process:

Step 1 : Application

Sign up online, you may need to present specific a personal profile or statement of interest. Application deadlines vary by program area

Step 2 : Money For Course

Upon sign up, payment is due immediately if registering for an upcoming course.

Step 3 : Course Materials

Prior the start of our course materials will be distributed. These materials include required study items, recommended software, and ground school slides.

Step 4: Student Advising

Prior the start of course students are given a one on one online session with professors to understand there specific requirements.


Do you have more questions regarding our application process? Call or email us today at 1-888-FLY-SUGU

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